Sailing from the Chatham Fish Pier in historic Chatham, Massachusetts

Only Five Minutes
From The Fish!

We catch them
all using light
tackle on 10 to
15 pound test.


  • Striped Bass
  • Blue Fish

Tuna Charter
Full Day
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Goose Hummock Outfiiters

The Magic Fishing Charter Boat from Chatham Cape CodFor World Class Fishing, Whale Watching and Sea Duck Hunting Charters here on

The Only Whale Watches From Chatham

Latest Fishing Report

Bass and blues are here .. Tuna are here.. White sharks are here.. Weather is here..It's time to go fishing

Cape Cod Striped Bass Fishing

50.4lbs released

Tuna fishing on Cape Cod


Cod Fishing Trips

10 cod per person, unlimited haddock, unlimited pollock, 10 hour trip. May, June, October, November & December.

Tuna and Shark Combo Charters

Charters were a big hit this season, plenty of blue sharks, mako sharks, pore beagle sharks and even one great white shark!!

3 Questions to ask when booking your charter.

1. How long will it take to reach the striped bass & bluefish or tuna grounds?
With us: 5-10 minutes for the stripers & blues,
20-30 minutes to the tuna grounds.
Why pay for longer travel time and less fishing time?

2. Why must I pay 15%-20% for a mate?
With us: You don't!!
Our captains are fishing right next to you in the cockpit, not sitting in their Ivory Tower shouting down the orders!!

3. Are any charter boats closer to the fishing grounds?
Nobody is closer to the fish, whales, seals and great whites. We have them all !!!
You get more fishing or whale watching time and pay less money!!

Click here for rates and details.

Master Captain Mike Abdow of Abdow's Magic Fishing Charters of Cape CodMeet Master Captain Mike Abdow. He captains the fishing vessel, MAGIC, a 36' x 13' RP. Captain Abdow is a real fisherman who fishes the Capes' waters year round, day in, day out. For 40 years now. He knows where the fish are because he see's them on a daily basis. He's the guy the others are following.



Adam Abdow, 5th generation striper fishing on Cape Cod

For the Cape Cod fishing charter of a lifetime, please give him a try. You won't be disappointed. Give Mike a call at 508-737-3367 or click here to make a reservation request.

Abdow's Magic Fishing Charters
of Cape Cod

Reservations: 1-508-737-3367 or click here


Knead A MassageFor a great massage contact Paulette at Knead A Massage
Paulette Abdow, Licensed Massage Therapist
located @ McClennen Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center
46 Crowell Road,  Chatham, MA  02633