Sailing from the Chatham Fish Pier in historic Chatham, Massachusetts

Only Five Minutes
From The Fish!

We catch them
all using light
tackle on 10 to
15 pound test.


  • Striped Bass
  • Blue Fish
  • Cod Fish

Tuna Charter
Full Day
Details Here

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For World Class Fishing, Whale Watching &
Sea Duck Hunting Charters here on CAPE COD.
The Only Whale Watches From Chatham

Whale Watching from Chatham, Cape Cod

Make your trip to Cape Cod unforgettable and join us for hours of whale and seal watching off the town of Chatham.

These are the only whale watching tours leaving from Chatham.

We have them all, Right whales, Finback whales, Minke whales,  and everybodys favorite, Humpback whales.

Trips are 3 hours, $400, up to 7 people.

Whale watching off of chatham
Whale slapping fin off Chatham   Whale surfacing off of Chatham